Better Business Management for Your Remote Workforce

Overseeing a remote workforce presents multiple challenges, and due to the pandemic, many people have been forced to change how they live and work indefinitely. The transition to remote work may not be as smooth for some companies who are struggling to adapt. However, we are confident that with our help, your business operations will be able to thrive despite the transitions taking place during these critical times.

Below are four steps to consider as you prepare your business for more remote work in 2021.

While working remotely, your employees will be accessing business applications from different home or public networks. To avoid security incidents, you need to install a business VPN to secure all connections with encryption across users. A VPN for your business makes sure that information is being filtered through online privacy tools, particularly when accessing internet on-the-go. This will protects your workers from cyber criminals who are taking advantage of users who are easily overwhelmed by the remote work transition due to the pandemic.

Video conference calls are the latest trend since the pandemic and may be here to stay for a while. Therefore, you can expect your company to be using video conferencing applications to stay connected and continue to conduct business. If you are not already prepared for your business to take this route, now is a great time to set up a reliable conferencing platform. Let us know if you need our help or suggestions.

If you are not already using a cloud-based application to keep your company’s files backed-up, now is the best time to consider doing so. Many of your workers may not have the right devices to handle the memory and performance of all your business needs, but with the cloud in place, working offsite will set you and your employees up for success.

Remote I.T. Support could save you the hassle of managing endpoints of your infrastructure. Using encrypted remote connection and appropriate authentication, a technician can access a device and resolve issues for you and eliminate any communication gaps. Our technicians can support your company with its software related issues, any updates, back-ups or cleanups, startup optimization, virus scans and more.

Whatever the I.T. need is, Sivils I.T. will support you with the necessary resources to maintain business performance with minimal worries or damage! If you are located in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida or Maryland, we are eager to help! Get in touch with us today.

Client Remarks

  • Hercules Living
  • Hercules has worked with Sivils for many years and with their partnership we have been able to deploy many new programs & systems as well as explore how we look at technology differently to fit our business needs. The team at Sivils has been supportive and very responsive to the needs of our teams across multiple states. We are looking forward to our future partnership with Sivils as we continue to grow our technology.

    Hercules Living Team
    Property Management

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