Cloud Solutions

There are many different types of “cloud” services that claim to solve all IT needs.

While there are many options businesses can choose, we will only guide you to an approach that meets your specific needs. From solutions that are physically located on your network to offsite data centers, we customize the best strategy for you. We will never provide cleverly marketed “cloud” products that are only put in to place to make money off of hosting your data.

Client Remarks

  • Hercules Living
  • Hercules has worked with Sivils for many years and with their partnership we have been able to deploy many new programs & systems as well as explore how we look at technology differently to fit our business needs. The team at Sivils has been supportive and very responsive to the needs of our teams across multiple states. We are looking forward to our future partnership with Sivils as we continue to grow our technology.

    Hercules Living Team
    Property Management

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